Autism Spectrum Assessment Clinic @ Kidspace


Please select the tabs “Autism Spectrum Assessment” or Autism Spectrum Comprehensive Assessment” for more information on the assessment process and the options available at Kidspace.



 How will my child benefit from an autism assessment?

An autism assessment can help children, parents, teachers (and other significant individuals in a child’s life) better understand a child’s unique profile of strengths and difficulties, including why a child may be displaying unusual behaviours, interests or experiencing social/ communication difficulties. Autism assessments can also help parents, teachers and other professionals develop individually tailored plans to support a child’s communication skills, socialization and behavioural difficulties (if relevant).


Can a diagnosis of ASD potentially help us access funding?

Yes, once a child is formally diagnosed with ASD, parents may be eligible to access government funding (e.g., Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) program) and school-based funding for special support within the classroom.


How do the autism assessments offered at Kidspace differ from other clinics?

Our unique multidisciplinary team of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychologists provides families access to highly comprehensive autism assessments that involves a Psychiatrist’s expert opinion on diagnosis and treatment planning in addition to the child observation and parent interview conducted by a psychologist. Most other clinics do not provide a psychiatrist’s diagnostic opinion and recommendation as to treatment planning. Additionally, many clinics offer a child observation (ADOS-2) but not a parent interview (ADI-R) and/or liaison with schools. At Kidspace, we believe it is best practice to base clinical interpretations on multiple sources of information.


What is the cost of an autism assessment?

As the assessment process can vary from child to child, please contact us to find out an approximate cost. Fees will differ depending on whether you decide to go with Option 1 or 2.


Can I claim some of the cost back through medicare?

If your child is referred for an autism assessment by a developmental physician (i.e., paediatrician or child psychiatrist), you may be eligible for rebates.