Make a Referral

At Northshore Kidspace, we understand families are often time poor. While we encourage you to contact our Admin staff with any questions or concerns, if you are calling to make a referral we have simplified this process for you below!

To make a referral to a Doctor or clinician at Northshore Kidspace, we respectfully request the parents and/or patient complete a short Patient Information Form which can be found at the bottom of this page. This allows us to understand your needs better, and provides information to your chosen Doctor or clinician with speed and accuracy.

Once completing the form, please send it to Your information is then forwarded to your nominated team member. If you do not nominate a specific Doctor or clinician it will be forwarded to our Principal Psychiatrist or Psychologist who will endeavour to match your concerns with a team member experienced in that area.

Please note that filling out and completing this form does not guarantee access to treatment with a Northshore Kidspace clinician. Our clinicians assess referrals dependent on various factors including their experience in that clinical area, along with their clinical capacity at the time.

Click on the link below to download a referral form:

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